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Fields of Grace

Stress-Free Days Are Coming Your Way

Melissa Kurbis, Owner/Massage Therapist

With all the responsibilities you’re taking on, you may sometimes forget to stop and take care of your body. Daily stress can affect your health and manifest in various ways such as muscle tension. If this happens, Fields of Grace is here to help you.

I provide massage therapy services and herbal salves to clients in Naperville and other areas in Illinois. By providing these solutions, I help people who are suffering from body aches and pains, as well as those who simply need a break.

Fields of Grace is my mantra to know that all we control in the universe is our reaction to what happens around us. Happiness is a choice - completely separate of circumstance. We should hold onto our Grace tightly, and not let it be stolen by every day happenings.


For more than five years, I have been practicing massage therapy and giving people the relaxation they need. I work hard to improve my skills to provide my clients with the products and services that they deserve.

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